PAUSE. - cozy coffee

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We all live tense, stress-filled lives packed with back-to-back meetings, appointments, and tasks. If we are able to take a break, a vacation, a retreat, or just spend some time in nature, we notice that we return replenished and ready to make a positive difference.
Sometimes you may not be able to get away for a vacation or even a long weekend, but you can definitely take a little break. Our wonderfully pastel PAUSE coffee cup will remind you of that every day. You literally owe it to yourself.

Capacity: 300ml

Cozy coffe cup is slightly taller and narrower than a traditional cozy cup, but the capacity is the same.

*Price is for one cup only.

Our shop is a small boutique pottery, making small batches of hand thrown ceramics. That means most of our ceramic pieces are made-to-order and take 3-4 weeks production time :) We know this can seem like a long time to wait for your new piece, but remember that everything is made for you by us, working by two people ​to wedge, form, decorate, dry, bisque and glaze and fire by hand! Every single piece is unique and has it's own personality and was made special for you :)
All our items are handmade so please allow small differences in your purchase.
We do our best to reflect our ceramics in the pictures as real as possible, but some color variations should be taken into account.