Gaiamika Atelier is a small brand created by two souls: Aleksandra and Aleksandra. We met for the first time on the meadow, among flowers and trees. Close to Gaia's mother. We have different backgrounds and knowledge in different areas, but our common interest in colors, experimentation, simple and hand production, using local materials, and referencing the natural Norwegian landscape in our work drew us together. We have set ourselves the goal of creating beautiful and colorful objects.

Gaiamika Atelier is focusing on functional and experimental ceramic vessels. Each piece is hand formed on the wheel, decorated, and embraces the beauty in imperfection. Every creation is unique and embodies its own personality. The natural colors and textures from a variety of stoneware clays have become a feature in the continuing development of Gaimika`s Atelier ceramics.

All our products are Made in Norway.