The parties

Company name Gaiamika Atelier - Bugiel

Org.nr: 826 333 782

Address Atelier : Bøgata 26c, 0655 Oslo

Telephone number: 46585065

Email: gaiamika.atelier@gmail.com


The buyer is the one who shops in the online store.

Prices and delivery cost

All prices are stated in Norwegian kroner. The goods are always sent with the Norway package and follow their current rates, which are updated annually. The price for postage will be automatically generated at check-out.


Delivery time

We sell PRE-ORDER, which means that if an item is SOLD OUT, it can take around 3-4 weeks to send it after purchase. This is how long it takes to make a ceramic.  Of course, we do our very best to send parcels faster . When ordering on weekends or on red days, the order will be sent as soon as possible after the first working day. You will receive an email from us containing the tracking number as soon as we have sent your package. You can use this tracking number at Helthjem or Norway Post.

For orders to be picked up in our Atelier, valid identification must be brought along with the order number.



We accept card payment and Paypal , which of course meets strict security requirements.

When trading, the amount is reserved in your account and is only deducted when the package has been sent from us.


Damaged package

If you discover that the package is damaged already when picked up at the post office, you must report this immediately to Norway Post. Feel free to use your mobile camera and take pictures of the package. If you first discover the transport damage when you return home, take the entire shipment including the packaging back to the post office, fill out a damage form - the postal staff will help you with the filling - and send the item together with the damage form back to us.

If the delivery took place via Helthjem and if the item has been damaged during transport, do the following:


-Take a picture of the item and the damaged packaging

-Send an e-mail to gaiamika.atelier@gmail.com  with:

Information about the damage

The pictures of product and packaging

Order number

Article number of damaged / damaged products


Return of goods


We follow the right of withdrawal law which gives you a 14-day unconditional right of withdrawal on all products you buy from us. We appreciate if the original packaging is not broken, but if you have to open it, please treat the packaging carefully - then we have the opportunity to sell the product later.

If you want to return a product, write a message to our e-mail: www.gaiamika.com
You will receive a reply within three business days.
We will refund the amount as soon as we have received the item back to us.

The Purchaser must cover the direct costs associated with returning the good, unless the seller and the buyer agree otherwise.

If the order has been customized (name added, made in a color different from what I offer as standard) returns can not be made and orders may not be canceled once the work has been done. We can't also accept returns for items on sale.


The information we receive about you

All information we receive from you we use only to distribute goods to you and to send you info from the online store. We only use the information you give us. Of course, you have the right to know what we have registered on you and the right to demand this removed.

- We of course not sell information about you to any third part!

- We reserve the right to reject orders.

- All contact information must be valid for the order to be approved. Phone number, name and address must of course be your own.

- Attempts at fraud, false orders, document forgery or other shady business are reported to the police.

If you are dissatisfied or wondering about something, just get in touch!


Conflict resolution

We will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our cooperation. However, if you have reservations about our cooperation, you can contact the Norwegian Consumer Authority for mediation.