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Next to our Jungle and Tropical mugs, there is also a third, juicy green Exotic. Green is the best medicine for our overstimulated senses. We love to go to the forest in our free time, or on vacation to the nature. On a daily basis, you can hold a green, handmade mug and relax your aura. Enjoy this beautiful wheel thrown mug at your home!

Capacity: 300ml

Our shop is a small pottery boutique, making small batches of hand thrown ceramics. That means most of our ceramic pieces are made-to-order and take 3-4 weeks production time :) We know this can seem like a long time to wait for your new piece, but remember that everything is made for you by us, working by two people ​to wedge, form, decorate, dry, glaze and fire twice! Every single piece is unique and has it's own personality and was made specialy for you :)
All our items are handmade so please allow small differences in your purchase.
We do our best to reflect our ceramics in the pictures as real as possible, but some color variations should be taken into account.